The Special Ops rifle is a gun that is featured in Respawnables 2.It is an assault rifle with some modifications.


Power : 3/10

Range : 4/10

Agility : 3/10

Accuracy : 10/10

Price : 5000 cash

Features : Scoped


The Special Ops rifle is good for starters.The high fire rate and nice accuracy with scope makes it a good choice for good starters.It can dish out a lot of damage per second and cheap.The gun is also quite common in the Lottery Ticket minigame.This gun also had a high chance of headshot even without a scope.

Lottery TicketEdit

Special Ops Rifle is a bronze lottery class item.It is the most common gun to see in the bronze lottery ticket cards.It is the easiest gun to get.


  • The Special Ops rifle's model is based on a scoped M16
    Special Rif.

    Special Ops rifle is based on a scoped M16