This is the policies for Respawnables Fanon wiki

Make sure everyone will pay attention to this.

Page PolicyEdit

Pages must have each own description based on who is creating the page.One of the example of it was Scattershot.It has it's own description of it's own user
No offense

this thing

There must be no 'Vandalism and 'Spam.

Anyone was not permitted to add offensive external links such as Virus or Hacker or Spammer's website.Pornographic is also untolerated plus one more thing left is that each editors must identify their names and ex-account name.

And one more thing at the picture :

"Speak" PolicyEdit

Speaking of swearing must have censored words.Anyone who is doing that and uncensored will be given warning.If for another time they will be blocked.Gay,Vaggot or Faggot,F or anything must be censored with * or $ or anything

User PoliciesEdit

Sockpuppets aren't allowed.Sockpuppets are guys who are blocked by a user then make another account to pretend as another people.Sockpuppets are only allowed if a user is blocked because unknown reason.One of the reasons are the message for Ex-admins or Admins are power abuse by blocking everyone here or blocking other people with reason just for fun.The admin will get a fair warning.If so the user shall become no admin anymore.

Spammers are very untolerated.Vandals are also untolerated.Every Vandals and Spammer here will be named "Killer"

Other noted thingsEdit

  • Permanent blocks will result if a user has added offensive things so many times
  • Sockpuppets aren't allowed.But one sockpuppet is enough.IP address must be checked
  • Any users or editors are free to add a trivia or Multiplayer gameplay
  • Every original weapons of a user-made can be used on another page
  • Everyone can add pictures of any kind the weapon has