The Armageddon is a new weapon for Respawnables 2.It is an M202 rocket launcher.


Power :9/10


Agility : 2/10

Accuracy : 3/10

Range : 9/10

Features : 4 round burst

Price : 17500 cash


The Armageddon sacrifices 1 power from the ordinary rocket launcher but releases 4 fast moving rockets.The power of these rockets are each 9.So it is a 4 round burst so the damage should be 4x9 = 36 damage if all rockets are hit.However like any rocket launchers,this launcher has a slow movement and inaccurate.

Lottery ticketEdit

It is a Silver lottery ticket item.Gaining Armageddon is not easy.There's a 10% it stays in the middle.The movement is also complicated.Usually it goes to the right then left again then below then suddenly in the southeast position.